VMware HCX 4.3.2 has published! In our maintenance releases, we emphasize bug fixes and security patches and any changes that improve serviceability or overall stability. This release is no exception. Read the release note here: VMware HCX 4.3.2 Release Notes.

Please notice what is new with HCX 4.3.2

Product Maximums have changed – (There are two key changes in the HCX 4.3.2 configmax update)

  1. Maximum concurrent HCX Bulk migrations: 250

    This new 250 limit is the HCX Manager limit, across all deployed service meshes.

    The previous limit of 200 is still applicable to a single service mesh.
  2. Maximum Parallel Replications (RAV/Bulk) & Maximum Delta Transfer

    These new entries provide tiered guidance for what is achievable and supported on a single HCX Service Mesh according to measured network underlay characteristics.

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