CyberSecurity – What is East / West?

For all that may not quite understand the importance of segmentation please note that lateral movement or East - West is the activities of an organization that doesnt leave but actually stays within the organization. I find that this is the most important area to protect an organization from cybersecurity threats. An organization's most valuable..

Why Illumio For Segmentation?

There are other solutions that attempt to complete segmentation but these are some key value adds to choose Illumio: 1 - Scalable 2- Available for Air Gap environments (off networked environments) 3- Containers 4 - Native Cloud abilities 5 - Automation 6- Instant visibility without adding other products in base illumio core solution 7- source..

What is Illumio TAM & Why?

Increase ROI on your cybersecurity investment and accelerate the adoption of Illumio solutions with an Illumio Technical Account Manager (TAM). Today’s frantic pace of change drives businesses to innovate and adapt to stay competitive. Organizations across industries are adopting a Zero Trust strategy to ensure the safety and integrity of their critical business assets while..

Why Illumio?

Illumio has the ability to simplify Zero Trust segmentation across all OS platforms modifying native OS firewall policies across hybrid IT environments while providing immediate visibility around all managed workloads.  The Illumio platform is available to work in Cloud Native as well as traditional on-prem / customer hosted environments that is capable of being automated..

Illumio & Illumination

It is obvious that Illumio can help all there customers with their Ransomeware and Segmentation Journey. However, We also love to have fun as we work to meet cutomer goals: or reach out with more on about how Illumio is a great strategic partner for your Cyber Security Journey.