For all that may not quite understand the importance of segmentation please note that lateral movement or East – West is the activities of an organization that doesnt leave but actually stays within the organization. I find that this is the most important area to protect an organization from cybersecurity threats. An organization’s most valuable assets tend to be their source data. The source data has many elements but typically can be represented by source databases and files that are deemed the secret sauce of the organization. These are the crown jewels of the organization and must be a priority to protect.

Traditional Firewall Security that has been established for many years focus around the perimeter and leverage techniques such as the Castle and moat type scenarios. It is great to protect from the outside of an organization but once a vulnerability from within an organization is attacked such as the analogy of a Trojan Horse then the “Crown Jewels” are potentially impacted and then the premeter really doesnt matter any longer.

Illumio assumes that risk has already compromised the internal environments and focus their stratey around limiting the blast area and ring fencing around all applications. This ability to have immediate visibilty showcases how we can implement immediate containment of any considered risk and avoid internal objects from being able to connect to the data and applications that should not be available without proper purpose or need.